Volunteer Work, Internships Abroad in Kenya

Volunteering gives you the opportunity to discover more about yourself and the world around you more the ever you thought was possible. Our volunteer opportunities offers you outstanding value for money and a platform to embark on one of the most incredible life experiences you may ever have. http://www.kvcdp.org.

Volunteering abroad also adds an extra dimension to your adventure travels because you are immediately travelling with a purpose and sense of achievement. You can choose from a range of volunteer roles and take your friends, family or even launch your own group trip with BONDO TRAVELLERS HOTEL independent volunteer work opportunities and trips.

This way of travel offers the unique opportunity for you to join up with like minded people and make a difference in peoples lives. Alternative travel as referred to in voluntravel also helps to open a chance for you to work as a volunteer in a developing country like Kenya and at the same time experiencing new cultural and changing the lives of those less fortunate than yourself in a different environment.

Our group travel package is a unique opportunity to travel and volunteer together in Kenya and an experience that is unparalleled.We offer a life changing opportunity to anyone and of any age and skill set so anyone can participate..

How does it work?

It's simple, Sign up to one of our set adventure trips and dates that you are available each volunteer trip lasts 3 to 14 days or more and is an all inclusive package. These trips do not include fligts to Kenya or Visa . We can however help you in obtaining a visitors visa on request.

These adventure activities are planned with the help of KVCDP- Kenya Voluntary & Community Development Project who partners with Peck Canada and Operation Africa Volunteers.

Educational International Trips

Our educational trips to kenya embark on taking young people on a journey that will challenge them and inspire them in a way that cannot be done in class. These trips offer outstanding value for money and a platform to embark on one of the most incredible life experiences you may ever have. Meet new people,face challenges and discover an incredible new culture surrounded by some of the most inspirational people you could hope to meet. We do understand that taking a group of students on an adventure safari to Africa , Kenya is challenging,we are here to help you through the entire process ensuring that everyone enjoys their trip.

We have been there, done it and are happy to share our expertise.

Make a difference in Kenya Africa by volunteering in kenya.

More information visit Kenya Voluntary and Community Development Project.


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