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Membership to hoteling International is required to participate in BONDO TRAVELLERS HOTELs and Hotel activities. This membership gives you access to Youth hotels all over the world for one year. If you are a foreigner, Become a member of your National Youth hotels Association by buying your membership card now.

If you cannot become a member in your country, you will pay the membership once you arrive at the BONDO TRAVELLERS HOTEL on Ukwala-Bondo Road Telephone mobile + 254 715794082 or 788788754 E-mail If you would like to be a member click here

Do you want to join a network of hotels in Kenya and be part of the hoteling International Family

Kenya Youth hotels Association has been trying to set up a chain of hotels across the country. The existing hotels are too far apart for easy travelling by one's own efforts. We recon a day's hike to be 10 to 20 miles and a day's cycle ride to be 40 to 80 miles. A chain from Mombasa via Nairobi to Lake Turkana would therefore require hotels at, say every small town en route in addition to those already established and exists. There is the need to circuit around all corners of the Republic of Kenya. We also envisage to a greater adventure a cross borders of Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Burundi and Congo. Uganda; and Sudan are on the move already.

What is Required

To start a youth hotel or a campsite, you need a simple overnight accommodation with a constant water supply, such as a a small building near a farmstead. The farmer or wife will be appointed warden, and will be asked to see that the hut is secure against theft and left clean and tidy by the hoteliers when they leave.

Are you interested?

If you would like to be an affiliate hotel/campsite or agent, please send us an email and we will get back to you.

Do you have a suitable hut?

If yes, Kenya Youth hotel Association would advice you on decoration and furnishing

Do you have a site but no Building?

We are still interested. Some of our members prefer to camp out, and we may be able to put up a building on site. Wayside shop can also help.

Affiliation Fee

Once your request has been considered having met the requirements for affiliation, you will sign an agreement with Kenya Youth hotels Association, after which you will pay by either cheque/money order/cash or bank transfer, a sum of Kshs 5000 yearly.


Any one who has no farm but is willing to help in any other way is requested to send his/her suggestions, which shall be gratefully received and acknowledged. Donations in any kind and money - no matter how small are most welcome.

And why not take out a membership card to start with? E-mail


Call our friendly reception staff on +254 715794082.

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